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  1. Porsche 911 and Porsche 356 Car Covers

    Porsche 911 cover

    We are proud to share with you the pictures we received from a delighted US customers, member of the American Porsche Club.

    Check out the quality of our custom car covers! 2 beautiful Porsche cars protected by our custom Porsche protection covers (indoor platinum range).

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    car protection for camping holidaysMost campers are very fussy about their camping equipment. They take great care of their caravan/ motorhome, wash and store their camping accessories meticulously ... but what about their car? The sad fact is that very few are those who protect it appropriately.

    Let’s take a quick look at the most common external aggressions for a car parked on a campsite:

    - Sun: UV and heat do not agree with rubber, paint, plastic and leather.

    - Wind: it carries leaves, dust and other small particles that create car body scratches and micro-scratches.

    - Sea: sea salt and sand are your car body worst enemies

    - Trees: they provide shade and oxygen and that’s why we love them…. But their leaves or pine needles accumulate in car vents. Moreover, their highly resistant sap pollutes our cars. Besides, pine cones could leave memories on the roof / hood of our car. Finally, while parked under a tree, you often end up being birds favorite toilet…

    - Animals: for instance, cats love sleeping on car hoods (scratches)

    - Other: stone throwing, kids etc.

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  3. New Partnership with the Lotus Seven Club

    Quality Car Covers partners with the Lotus Seven ClubWe are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Lotus Seven Club to offer special discounts to all members of the club on all our catalogue. The Lotus Seven Club is the custodian of the Lotus Seven & Caterham Seven. The club also enshrines the Caterham 21 which this year celebrates 25 years with approximately sixty cars remaining road worthy.

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  4. Prevent flat spotting using Tyre Cushions

    Classic Car Tyre mats

    The perfect car wintering and car storage accessory

    While we are all at this time of the year enjoying our classics we propose you to think about the time when your car would need to be stored over winter. Preparing a vehicle for storage means it should start up first time when you turn the key next spring. We will be providing various tips over the next weeks and today we would like to focus on tyres.

    Car wintering and storage can seriously damage your tyres, often leading car owners to replace the complete tyres at the end of the winter (indeed, flat spotted tyres are no replaceable). And damage can occur rapidly, as early as 4 weeks after storing the car.

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  5. Top Quality Car Covers at the Graham Nearn Memorial Blat

    Car Cover LotusLast month we have shared a fantastic day with the Lotus Seven Club members at the British Motor Museum. The event was to remember Graham Nearn, who was the saviour and developer of the Seven until his death in 2009. Therefore at appropriate points in time the club always remember Graham with a mass Blat (long fast drive) and assembly somewhere significant.

    In 2019 – the 20th anniversary of Grahams passing - the club drove from all points of the UK to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon to celebrate his life. This has been the largest gathering of Sevens in the world since the 60th of the Seven in 2017. The event also celebrated 25 years of the Caterham 21 with a visit & lecture by the designer Jez Cotes. The club vigorously supports its adopted charity, Jackie Stewarts charity, Race Against Dementia (RAD).  

    Thanks to a fantastic sun shiny day, over 200 hundred cars attended the event with a variety of series from very early Lotus Seven´s to the modern Caterhams. Members took the oportunity to gather and visit the museum, an excelent representation of the history of the motor industry in the UK.

    Top Quality Car Covers was the only partner present at the Museum Parking where numerous members where able to appreciate the quality of our products and order directly with special event discounts.

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  6. Mercedes Benz Car Covers

    mercedes benz car coversAt TOP Quality car covers we produce high quality car covers for Mercedes Benz in all wheather conditions. We specialize in high end materials both for indoor and outdoors and together with our unique craftmanship are able to produce unique covers capable to keeping your Mercedes well protected agains dust, moisture, rain, snow and more.

    We have a wide range of covers both for indoor and outdoor protection. All our materials are breathable and equiped with a very soft linen inside. Our large experience made us a key supplier not only for thousands of end users but also for professionals, OEM´s, detailing centers and car dealers. Most importantly we are trusted by a large number of Mercedes enthusiasts clubs in Germany and around Europe.

    We ship our Mercedes Benz car covers all over the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, Canada and USA. For all other regions please contact our customer service team for details. If you are representing a company with a EU VAT number and need this to be deducted also please reach out to our team and they will be happy to arrange this.

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