Top Quality Car Covers specializes in high quality protection car covers. This post will present its complete range of BMW car covers.

In the past years of operation, we have been able to create and store all the patterns we need to produce car covers for all BMW cars available on the market (modern or vintage). Choose the best protection from a complete range of BMW top covers

bmw z4 custom cover

BMW Car Covers Answering the Highest Expectations

All our bmw covers are manufactured using the best materials in order to guarantee the highest levels of protection. Indeed, all indoor protection covers protect your BMW from scratching, dirt and dust. They also let condensation breathe out in order to avoid resulting corrosion between the car and the cover. The interior layer is super soft to protect your car paint. The exterior of the cover is shiny (satin) for the best appearance. Indoor BMW Covers are divided in 3 categories, detailed below.

Tailored BMW car covers are entirely made by hand and cut according to the BMW model you selected at time of order. This type of BMW cover represe

BMW Series 6 car cover

nts a real tailored suit for your car. Customisation options include colour choice, side lines in a different colour, side mirror pockets and printed logo.

Fitted BMW car covers offer top quality protection and great looks. It ia a near cutom made cover thanks to its stretchy fabric which nicely fits the lines of your bmw car. Most models include side mirror pockets and we can also send you a logo to iron onto the cover. Choose from 2 colours: red or black.

housse voiture bmw

Standard fit BMW car covers are a great protection alternative, at a reduced price while still offering top protection and a great look. They come in red or black. We carefully select the cover size so that it nicely fit your BMW car.

For those who are looking for an outdoor protection, Top Quality Car Covers also offers rainproof breathable car covers. This type of protection is especially designed to care for your car in all weather conditions: rain, snow, light hail, sun, scratches, dirt and dust and all other damages tha

bache bmw serie 5 impermeable

t can occur outside. Outdoor BMW car covers are available in light gray and are secured thanks to a safety belt underneath the car.

Standard fit rainproof BMW car covers are made in a high quality and highly resistant material featuring 5 layers for the best outdoor protection. We carefully select the cover size so that it nicely matches the dimensions of your BMW car.

bmw custom rainproof car cover

Last but not least, our workshop also produces custom outdoor BMW car covers. They are handmade to measure for the exact model of your car. Custom outdoor covers include side mirror pockets and we can also add a logo when requested. It perfectly fits your car while offering top outdoor protection;  the 2 layers fabric is fully rainproof and breathable with an external layer in PVC and an internal layer in super soft polyester fabric.

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