Nothing like a well maintained car to bring pride in us: gleaming paint, soft and clean leather, shiny chrome parts ...

However, car paint, rims, leather, chrome parts, window seals are constantly exposed to intense and often aggressive climatic conditions. As a result, such surfaces are attacked and lose their shine finish.

Let’s take a look at leather: repeated rubbing caused by the driver and passengers seating and getting out of the car hardens the leather. In addition, UV rays and temperature changes make the skin crack and the color fade. This also applies to the paint and chrome parts.

In addition, our vehicles are strongly affected by weather conditions: UV, acid rain, water, road salt, bird droppings etc. Surfaces are attacked and lose their shine.

DIY Car Care Products

Car cleaning products

With the PCW brand and its many years of experience in car cosmetics and care, we offer our customers a premium range of car cleaning and care products. All PCW products are made in Switzerland and developed following the highest standards. PCW is committed to providing top quality products made exclusively from raw materials carefully selected to perfectly take care of the most delicate car materials and surfaces: paint, plastic and chrome parts, glass and leather. Our products meet the highest expectations.

What’s more, our range of products is biodegradable and safe for the environment. They are free of harmful chemical ingredients and are exclusively manufactured using environmentally friendly components.

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