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Check out the Mercedes Benz car cover section of our online shop and get the right car protection for your vehicle.

Mercedes car covers for indoor protection

All our indoor protection car covers are made in a high quality polyester abric to offer the best protection and an extended use of your car cover. They are all fully breathable against condensation and feature a super soft interior layer . High level of protection against water droplets, scratches, dust and dirt.

Standard fit Mercedes car cover: it nicely fits your car (we carefully select the right cover size based on your car model) and is available in red or black. Does not include side mirror pockets. Available in red or black and delivered Mercedes car coverswithin 10 days.

Fitted car cover Mercedes: made in a strechy fabric, it perfectly fits the lines of your car. It also includes side mirror pockets for a near custom made look. Available in red or black and delivered within 10 days.

Custom Mercedes Benz car cover: 100% custom made using the pattern of your car model. Our workshop produces each car Mercedes car cover by hand in order to guarantee the highest quality product to protect your Mercedes Benz.. Available in many colours and delivered within 1 month.

Mercedes car covers for outdoor protection

These protection covers are waterproof, fully breathable and feature a soft interior layer to protect your car body. Rainproof Mercedes car coverBoth car covers are only available in gray. Best protection against rain, snow, Bird droppings, dust, dirt and UVs.

Standard fit outdoor protection for Mercedes: made in a 5-layer Moltex fabric, it offers a great outdoor protection. We carefully select the right cover size based on your car model so that it fits the car. Delivered within 10 days.

Custom outdoor Mercedes car cover: 3-layer fabric including a polyester outer layer, polyurethane middle layer, polyester soft fleece inner layer. Entirely made by hand using the exact dimensions of your Mercedes Benz. Delivered within 1 month.

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