The ultimate car care and protection guide

As we’ve already mentioned, environmental effects take a serious toll on your vehicle’s longevity. Compare a well-cared-for vehicle with one that hasn’t seen a car wash in its life and it’s easy to see which one will likely hit the scrap heap first. Let’s look at what proper car care for your vehicle’s exterior looks like.

Car Washes
Ah yes, of course. A car wash. It might seem mundane and obvious, but a car wash does more than expose the shiny paint hiding under all the dirt. A car wash removes contaminants that can eat into your car’s paint to make it dull. It wipes away salt and sand deposits that often accelerate corrosion which is cancer for your car.

You can take it through an automatic car wash if you wish – it’s better than nothing at all. The best wash is by hand since you can vary the pressure used and give more attention to areas that need it.
Rinse excessive dirt from the exterior and lay down some water on the surface to start off. Using high-grade car wash shampoo mixed in a bucket of warm water and a soft microfiber cloth or wash mitt, gently scrub every part of your car’s painted surfaces and glass. DON’T use the same mitt for your wheels and tires – ‘wheel’ get to that later.

Rinse with water until you no longer see suds coming off your car.
If there are tough, stuck-on bits of road grime or tar, use an all-purpose cleaner to dissolve them.
Tip: make it part of your car wash routine to dry the exterior. In summer, you’ll eliminate pesky hard water spots from forming little rings on the paint. In winter, drying your car – especially the door sills and weatherstrips – can prevent freezing your doors shut.

Clean the Glass
Did you know that your windshield and side windows are safety items? Yes, they’re structural and quite literally hold the roof up. As well, if you can’t see through them clearly, it’s a safety hazard for you and anyone around you.
Spend a few minutes every month or two cleaning your car’s windows, inside and out. You’ll be surprised the difference it makes. If you have, microfiber cloths work wonders at eliminating streaks. In a pinch, paper towels do the trick too but have a habit of leaving lint.
For windows that stay clean for longer, treat them with a car wash product that not only maintains the shine but repels water and dirt from sticking. You’ll find hydrophobic properties in high-quality shine protectants in car wash additives.
Can we put a reference to specialized products on the market which help keeping glasses cleaner for longer, drops that slip etc

Between Washes
Alright, we know there aren’t many people who enjoy washing their cars. But whether you do love detailing or you have better things to do with your time, the job isn’t truly done until you’ve applied a protective finish. Because if you get bird droppings or bug guts on your car, are you going straight to the car wash to clean it off? It’s doubtful at best.

Seal your freshly washed car with a paint sealant or wax. Look for a product that claims it protects against acid rain, bug splatters, bird droippings, and UV.
And if you get that junk on your car, it can easily be removed with a shine protector spray. It should wipe off without any residue and minimal effort.