Preparing your car for long term storage

If you have separate summer and winter cars, or if you need to put your vehicle into storage for longer than a week or two, there are steps you should take.

  • Disconnect the battery. Even without any lights on, a small draw at all times is normal to keep essential electrical modules powered up. Left connected, it could drain your battery completely which isn’t healthy for it. 
  • Park on tyre cushions. In less than a month, your tires can develop flat spots that destroy the tire if they haven’t moved. Parking all four wheels on mats molded to the curvature of your tire will prevent them from developing flat spots.
  • Cover your car. No matter the season, the sun’s powerful UV rays can damage your car’s interior, exterior, and tires. Covering your car will prevent undue wear and tear and help prolong its looks and its life.

It sounds like a lot of work. But done proactively and routinely, car care shouldn’t take more than an hour a week (plus the occasional faux pas). In the long run, you’ll enjoy a car that lasts longer, looks and drives better, and has a higher resale value. It’s well worth the effort.