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Car Half Cover - Rain Frost UV Protection

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Car Half Cover - Rain Frost UV Protection

Protect your car this summer ... and all through the year! This half cover protects your car parked outside from sun damages. As a matter of fact, its fabric is anti UV treated. For un protection, choose light gray colour as it reflects the sun thus reducing the heat inside the car. In summer, it protects you car leather, plastics, carpets and hood. It allows you to get into your car without burning! In winter, it prevents the formation of frost on your windshield and windows and also protects your car hood. It is 100% rainproof, breathable and also protects in snowy conditions. In addition, this auto cover protects your roof against tree sap, leaves, pine needles and bird droppings. A quality investment that will quickly pay off! Easy to place, it offers a great fit. It is also provided with 4 straps on the rims and 4 side fasteners (8 fasteners in total). Description and materials of the half car cover: Cover entirely handmade to measure for your vehicle, regardless of year of manufacture or model. Made from an exclusive 3 layers waterproof 3 layers material for the best protection: - Outer layer: polyester. - Intermediate layer: Polyurethane. - Inner layer: ultra-soft polyester fleece. The properties of the materials are as follows: -lightweight -resistant to fire -resistant to bad weather and corrosion -non-toxic -rainproof and breathable -good shock resistance An ideal protection against:       • frost       • rain and humidity       • snow       • UV rays, heat, sun       • dust, bird droppings, tree sap, leaves and pine needles Be sure to use the cover on a clean vehicle as dust and other dirt on the bodywork may create micro scratches on the paint. Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks ..