Car Tyre Protection Cushions - 40 cm Width - Prevent Flat Spotting

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Preserve your Tyres with the Ultimate Flat Spot Protection!

Unlock the ultimate solution for car wintering and storage with our must-have accessory.

Don't let the harsh winter and storage wreak havoc on your tyres. Say goodbye to flat spotting and the costly replacement of complete tyre sets. Our innovative 4 protection blocks are here to safeguard your tyres during long periods of storage. With rapid damage potential as early as 4 weeks, investing in these blocks is a wise choice for long-term savings. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind knowing your tyres will remain in pristine condition.

Say hello to worry-free storage and farewell to unnecessary expenses with our tyre-preserving solution.


Preserve and Protect Your Tyres with Ultimate Flat Spot Prevention!

Introducing the ultimate car wintering and storage accessory that ensures your tyres stay in prime condition.

Winter storage can be harsh on your tyres, leading to flat spotting and the need for expensive replacements. Don't let this happen to you! Our innovative 4 protection blocks are designed to keep your tyres in top shape while your vehicle is stored away. It's the smart long-term investment that saves you from the hassle and cost of buying new tyres.

Crafted with flexible rubber, these blocks evenly distribute the weight of the tyre, maintaining its original shape. Their porous material effectively drains water, oil, and other liquids, safeguarding your tyres from potential damage. Plus, our tyre protection mats are of the highest quality, exemplifying luxury and durability.

With their generous size, these mats make it a breeze to position your car on them. You can even drive onto them from both directions, providing utmost convenience. And the best part? They are 100% ecological and proudly made in Europe, ensuring a sustainable choice.

Key Features of our Tyre Protection Mats:

  • Width: 40 cm - Length: 50.4 cm - Max height: 4.8 cm
  • Suitable for tyres up to 33cm wide, regardless of diameter
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Environmentally friendly, crafted from recycled tyres with a soft rubber compound for optimal weight distribution
  • Heavy-duty and highly flexible to accommodate all types of tyres
  • Enhanced ground grip with special material added to the bottom of the platforms

Each set includes four durable tyre mats, providing comprehensive protection for your vehicle. With an approximate weight of 29 kgs, these mats are built to last. We guarantee their high quality with a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Experience fast and reliable delivery within 5-10 days, ensuring you can start protecting your tyres without delay.

Don't let flat spotting spoil your tyres or drain your wallet. Invest in our top-of-the-line tyre protection mats and enjoy worry-free storage and long-lasting tyre performance.

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