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  1. Discover Eva Foam Car Mats

    car mats

    EVA foam mats for cars: The latest technology in car mats with protection against dirt and liquids. No more floor mats that collect dust and dirt. With the revolutionary EVA rubber mats you can wash and dry them in minutes and always keep your car free of mites.

    Multiple colors and piping available. Made to measure for your car, it even covers the rest foot. Configure your set of mats now. We have most of the current models on the market

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  2. Indoor Bubble Cover

    car bubble The autumn is coming, so we know how it is crucially important to find the best protection for your vehicle One of the most popular car protection now is our car bubble, a high-quality inflatable protection available in an indoor or outdoor version. Here you will find all the necessary information about the indoor car bubble.

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  3. The Importance of an Oil Change Part 2

    Oil ChangeOil Types and Classifications

    Remember that every maintenance you do to your vehicle is an investment, improvement, and protection. Although engine oil is the primary maintenance material widely used, what is known about it is limited or usually inaccurate information. You can get the most helpful information about the oil you need by consulting the company you will receive the service. When choosing the right oil, you should first know your engine's technical specifications and requirements. Since many types of oils contain different substances according to different technical specifications, it is essential to know your vehicle inside and out.

    The type of car and weather conditions are just as important as the technical specifications. Classic vehicles and classic engines have certain features, so it may be sufficient to get general

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  4. Car Covers for MG

    MG vehicle coverAre you a happy car owner of MG? And you are looking for a high-quality car cover for MG? 

    We have created the best vehicle covers just for you! Start protecting your car with our extra soft, breathable car covers. At Cover Company we have the exact patterns for all MG models, both classics and contemporary models.

    In this section, you will find a complete range of indoor and outdoor car covers for MG. Below you can a high-level overview of our ranges:

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  5. Discover Our Vehicle Half-Covers

    half car coverOur half-car cover offers you a good compromise of protection outside for the spring/summer period!

    No more frost and snow, welcome sunny days! If you are not into using a complete car cover as well as you don`t want to let your car stay without protection... we have the solution!

    Light and easy to use, our half-car cover offers you a protection against rain and UV rays on sunny days (and you can then use it against frost and snow in winter next).

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  6. Fitted Covers For Harley-Davidson

    Hately-Davidson coversHarley-Davidson has always been one of the most iconic and stylish vehicles in the motorcycle industry. If you are the lucky owner of a Harley-Davidson you know how it is crucially important to maintain your motobike at the highest level. 

    At Cover Company we produce the best motorbike Covers for your vehicle, both standard and custom Harley-Davidson covers. We know how it could be difficult to find a fitted cover for a particular Harley-Davidson model but our professional approach and high-quality materials let us produce the best custom covers for Harley-Davidson.

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  7. The Importance of an Oil Change

    Vehicle Car CoverAs we all know, car engines have a complex structure that operates at different speeds and, therefore, temperatures. Letting your engine heat up too much is a sure way to kill it, so you must keep it well oiled all the time. Especially if you own a classic car, you should definitely know the importance of an oil change. It is a fact that classic cars need more strict maintenance than modern vehicles. To operate a classic, it is not enough to do this maintenance only superficially; all parts, including the engine, should be checked regularly.

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  8. Car Inflatable Cover Guide: Questions And Answers

    car bubble cover

    Many of you are interested in our car bubble, a high-quality inflatable protection available in indoor or outdoor version. So we've compiled the most common questions and our answers to each one to help you with your purchase. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information (Lolita: [email protected]).

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  9. Protecting Your Tyres Part 3

    Car Tyre cushionsAll parts of your car are important, but it's the tyres that do the most demanding job, carrying the whole thing. Therefore, if you are going to invest in your car's maintenance, you should start with tyres.

    Protected tyres will always have a healthier future driving experience. In this case, purchasing special equipment for your tyres is actually an investment because, thanks to that equipment, you do not have to change your tyres when you decide to take your car out of storage

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  10. Fitted Car Cover for Vehicle Storages

    Cover for car storage

    Are you an automobile professional who is looking for high-quality vehicle covers? Let`s talk about covers for car storage. At Cover Company we know that for car storage its crucially important to find a car cover that can fit on these different cars while remaining aesthetic and high-quality. For some professionals, it is necessary to add a logo to the car protection cover to enhance their professional image toward the clients. We have already settled a partnership with car storage in Belgium, so we know what features are important for vehicle covers that are used in storage. 

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