1. Kidston and Cover Company at Retromobile Paris 2024

    Reveal car covers at Retromobile ParisThe world of classic cars is a realm of passion, dedication, and unwavering love for automotive history. At the heart of this world lies Kidston, a renowned dealer specializing in exceptional vintage and classic cars. For the second consecutive year, Kidston has entrusted Cover Company, a leading provider of premium car covers, to protect and showcase their prized collection at the prestigious Retromobile Paris exhibition. This collaboration is a testament to the shared passion for automotive excellence that unites both companies.

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  2. How Car Detailers and Car Wrapping Companies can Impress Customers and build their brands with the Car Reveal Cover

    reveal covers for detailers UK

    Car detailers and car wrapping companies know the importance of creating a strong and memorable impression on their customers. In the competitive automotive industry, standing out is essential to building a successful brand. That's where the Car Reveal Cover from Cover Company comes in—a game-changer that can elevate car detailing and car wrapping businesses to new heights. In this blog post, we will explore how car detailers and car wrapping companies can benefit from using the Car Reveal Cover at their workplaces to impress their customers and build their brands.

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  3. Enhance Car Presentations with Reveal Car Covers: The Perfect Solution for Dealerships

    car reveal cover

    Attracting the attention of potential customers is crucial for car dealerships, marketing agencies, and motoring events. The way you showcase your vehicles can make a significant difference in leaving a lasting impression. Introducing our custom reveal car covers, designed specifically to unveil cars in style and create a dramatic impact. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the main characteristics of our reveal car covers, including their versatility in size, customization options, extra soft finish for protection, and quick delivery of popular colors. Discover how these covers can elevate your car presentations and captivate your audience.

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  4. How Car Dealers Can Increase Revenue with Customized Car Covers

    Car Covers for car dealersAs a car dealer, you're always looking for new ways to increase revenue and stand out from your competitors. One effective strategy is to offer customized car covers to your customers. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why customized car covers can increase revenue for car dealerships.

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  5. Cover Company, the custom car cover specialist

    Cover Company is dedicated to designing and producing high-quality, custom car covers for over 15 years. Based on years of experience and customer feedback, we've developed a range of products that are designed to meet the needs of classic car owners and enthusiasts.

    Our car covers are made with durable materials and are tailored to fit your car's specific make and model, providing protection from the elements and preserving its beauty. Here below are some of the most frequent questions our customers wonder: 

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  6. New Partnership with the Lotus Seven Club

    Quality Car Covers partners with the Caterham and Lotus Seven Club

    We are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Lotus Seven Club to offer special discounts to all members of the club on all our catalogue. The Lotus Seven Club is the custodian of the Lotus Seven & Caterham Seven. The club also enshrines the Caterham 21 which this year celebrates 25 years with approximately sixty cars remaining road worthy.

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  7. Our Reveal Covers for Auto Events at Rétromobile

    reveal coversKidston at Retromobile Paris 2023

    One more year, Kidston trusts us to present its magnificent collection of high-end cars at Retromobile. Every day our reveal covers take care of the vehicles and keep their bodywork clean. Kidston is a specialist in high-end automotive transactions:

    Retromobile Paris 2023 event: from February 01 to 05 at Paris Expo, Portes de Versailles (

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  8. Reveal Car Covers For Car Professional

    buy reveal vehicle cover

    We have experience working with small and big vehicle dealerships from all over the world. As well as this we took part in creating covers for car shows as we worked on launches of new Porsche in Spain. Specially designed for Porsche dealerships and resellers, it is now also a very appealing item for detailers and body garages. It is the ideal cover for your car presentationsand , shows and is great to surprise your customer after a detailing or a new paint job. 

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  9. Welcome To Our Workshop

    car coversJust a little sneak peek at our workshop!

    That is how quality car covers are made! All our custom car covers are hand-made and made-to-measure for your car model.

    We have created the patterns for all car models from the begining till the latest releases. We have  car covers for all your needs: indoor, outdoors (waterproof car covers for Mini), standard, made to measure, custom designs.

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  10. Find Us On Pages Of Official Magazine Of The Porsche Club Of America

     Porsche Club of AmericaWe Are On Pages Of The Official Magazine Of The Porsche Club Of America

    Cover Company is happy to announce that information about us has being published at Panorama October 2022 (official magazine of the Porsche club).

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