Car Care

  1. Car Care for classic cars: BMW E30

    BMW E30 car protectionWhether you're a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the world of cars, this is one vehicle that anyone can appreciate. The E30 has been well-known for its performance and reliability, and it's easy to see why. With a front-engine, rear-wheel drive, and a lightweight body, the BMW E30 was revolutionary when it first came out in 1982. And from what we know today, this car will still be going strong 30 years later!

    In this article, we will discuss what makes this BMW series so unique, its specifications, and give you five valuable tips on keeping your BMW 3 series E30 in pristine condition to ensure its value.

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  2. Of how Lisa pleased John...

    Car covers, the perfect presentAn impressive present for any event

    Is our soulmate proud of his car? Do you need to find a special gift for your dad? Christmas is aproaching and you don´t know how to surprise your best friend? Here´s a story of how Lisa surprised John at his birthday. After they moved in together, Lisa discovered how caring John was with his classic car. She quickly started to think how to bring him peace of mind about his car and help him to relax a little bit about the whole this is what happened...

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  3. What Does Proper Long-Term Storage Look Like?

    Classic car storageIt sounds like a lot of work. But done proactively and routinely, car care shouldn’t take more than an hour a week (plus the occasional faux pas). In the long run, you’ll enjoy a car that lasts longer, looks and drives better, and has a higher resale value. It’s well worth the effort.

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  4. The Meat and Bones of Detailing – Your Car Body (Part 2)

    car care Caring for Your Tyres

    Car care for tyres starts with your routine maintenance. The same owner’s manual that states when fluid maintenance is due has a recommendation for tire rotations as well. It’s key to getting the full tread life out of each tire until its time to change them.
    But tire manufacturers recommend replacing your tires every six years, regardless of tread depth. There’s even a ‘best before’ date molded into the sidewall. But your tires can become dangerous well before those six years are up, and before your tread is worn off, and it’s due to drying out and cracking.

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  5. The Meat and Bones of Detailing – Your Car Body

    car care As we’ve already mentioned, environmental effects take a serious toll on your vehicle’s longevity. Compare a well-cared-for vehicle with one that hasn’t seen a car wash in its life and it’s easy to see which one will likely hit the scrap heap first. Let’s look at what proper car care for your vehicle’s exterior looks like.

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  6. The Nuts and Bolts of Preventative Car Care (part 1)

    Ultimate car careThe salesman passes you the keys and shakes your hand. Once you’re in the driver’s seat and pull onto the street, you can’t help but beam with pride. It’s YOUR car. Clean, shiny, and perfect. For the first weeks, maybe months, you’re obsessive about keeping it showroom-fresh. No one eats or drinks in your car and the carwash owner knows you by name already.

    But the excitement and pride lose their luster over time. Other things return to their previous priority like family and work…and rightfully so. With that shift in priorities, your car starts to wear the signs. A French fry or two under the seat and mud spatter on the fenders. The floor mats desperately need a wash. You’ve parked it uncovered in the driveway for who-knows-how-long as you try to decipher the IKEA instructions for new furniture you’re assembling in the garage. And the tires and rims you so painstakingly scrubbed by hand are caked with brake dust.

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