Car Seat Covers - Perfect Fit - Indy Series

Car Seat Covers - Perfect Fit - Indy Series

car seat coversAre you looking for a brand new interior for your car?

Our new range of Softer seat covers provide great comfort thanks to its extra thick padding while giving your vehicle a unique style. You can choose between 3 different finishes. These fabrics are fully breathable, dry-cleanable and made exclusively on request. These are semi custom covers with a special design to adapt to all car seats, providing great adjustment quality given the variety of available sizes. The assembly is simple and safe, being able to mount the whole set in less than 30 minutes.

At Cover Company we have created the best car seat covers not only to protect your car, but to give your vehicle a unique style. Moreover, fitted car seat covers can hide the stains you haven’t been able to get out or can also hide torn upholstery. If you’ve just bought a used car and would like to give it a better look. Improve the interior aesthetics by using seat protectors.covers for car covers

Designed to be compatible with all vehicles, our Car Seat Covers wrap your entire seat with the flexible lacoste fabric used on the sides with a special molding system ensuring a perfect fit on any vehicle. We have various sizes and designs and we will select the most appropriate based on your make/model selection. You can choose between 4 different finishes. With its 3-layer breathable fabric, it prevents sweating even on long journeys and increases your driving comfort. It prevents pain by creating an orthopedic form of waist and back with 7-layer side supports.

Look how perfect they car seat cover fit on Toyota. 

Feel free to contact me to design your car cover. My email [email protected]  (Lolita).



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