Conditions That Can Damage Tyres During Storage

Tires protection There is no such thing as the sole problem in storing cars for a long time without moving; many issues can combine in different ways and impair the car's function. For example, you may be worried about the security of the vehicle you store outside, or you may anticipate the damage caused by weather conditions. Also, external deformations can be caused by interaction with nature or people. Exposure of classic or luxury cars to the sun directly causes significant damage from UV rays.
When the sun and the UV rays directly hit the tyres, they negatively affect their health because the rubber will heat up. As a result, there may be defects such as wear and tear on the tyres. It is possible to efficiently solve this natural problem caused by the sun by using car covers that protect from UV rays. Coatings made of UV-proof materials ensure that your tyres are protected not only from rays but also from other substances such as dust and smoke. Remember that your tyres can be physically deformed in many different ways during storage. In addition, anything can happen indoors or outdoors because most substances have a damaging agent.

Although flat spotting is the most common form of deformation in tyres, you can see different wear patterns in all the tyres. We can also count abrasion of the surface, scratches at any point, rusting on the metal-iron parts, or melting of the rubber as deformation. Even though all these seem like physical issues, they are important issues that need to be addressed. To ensure a tyre's health, you should check it frequently and consult experts at regular intervals.


Prevention of Deformation in Tyres

We have already explained why you should use a car cover to avoid the sun's harmful effects and protect it from UV rays. Car covers that have a protective layer against UV rays ensure that your tyres and, in fact, all surfaces of your car are not affected by possible sun damage.  You can always prevent potential damage by early detecting and maintaining your tyres regularly. For example, you can get rid of the disadvantages of pollution by applying unique care products to all surfaces of your car, including the tyres.When choosing tyre care products, you should be careful to choose one that does not contain silicone and, at the same time, does not leave dust. Otherwise, you will not be doing your vehicle a favor. Phosphate-free and sprayable cleaners are easy to use and show maximum effectiveness for cleaning the tyres. It is also imperative to dry your vehicle tyres properly after using such cleaners. Tyres that are too moist are likely to get damaged and damage other surfaces.
Still, if you use a fast-evaporating cleaner, you don't have to worry about these issues even in very humid environments.
Hard floors are not your friend because they are not really suitable for your tyres, especially when storing your car for a long time. In addition, the roughness of the ground surface can cause a flat spot on the tyres by contacting the wheels for a long time on that spot. Using four tyre mats that you can put under the tyres of your vehicle can directly cut the contact of the tyre surface with the ground, and it should prevent the deformation of the tyres by providing the perfect spot for them to stand on.

Tyres mats are built to handle the pressure of the tyre thanks to their slope and height, so they can successfully support the weight of any car. In addition, since they are made of flexible rubber, they keep the tyre's shape and make it easier to settle on the vehicle due to its dimensions. As a result, the thickness of the mats used for classic or luxury vehicles may vary.